Monthly Archives: April 2012


We have been looking at the evolution of Pinterest with interest? in the last 9 months, and after the announcement by President Obama’s campaign regarding their use of Pinterest, we are even more enthusiastic. Here are some of the things you can do to help you with Pinterest: Finding the audience. Search Pinterest before diving in – make sure your target market is there and using the service. Over 95% of the pinners are Female. Instead of looking for the audience directly, look for influences that can reach your audience. Remember Pinterest is not in a vacuum, those influences in Pinterest also tend to Tweet and Facebook and have many followers and friends. Making a Plan. Once you have decided that Pinterest is for you, you need to make sure your pinning addresses your business goals. Be focused and flexible and adapt. Focus traffic and brand awareness, and create your boards accordingly. Create a rule based scenario for your pinning and make sure everyone in your organization follows it. Building a message. The images you pin or re-pin tell a heck of a lot about you, as well as the comments that you post. For the most part, your images will have to

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stand on their own and represent you, so when you are not sure that an image by itself will do the job, make sure there is some text on it to provide clarity. Creating Boards. While focusing on your message, create minimum of three boards that focus on your target audience’s experience, your brand, and the mindset for audience engagement. It would be quite easy to create an alternate board for each goal and then compare results, and finally follow the path that yields the best results. Don’t be afraid of changing things up. Building popularity. At the very beginning, you may choose to put up what you may find interesting, but the beauty of Pinterest is that quickly you will realize whether or not others agree with you. If you are not getting a large crowd to find your images interesting, then it is time to adjust and quickly. Look at what your audience finds interesting and follow suit. Your Boards should be interesting and motivate others to re-pin your images, so just putting up the pictures of your product will not do the job. Becoming Pinnable. Take a look at your site through the lens of Pinterest. Is your site really pinnable? Are there sufficient compelling images on your site to make it a popular destination? Consider adding images to your site based on your plan, and under the same guideline by which you create boards. Engaging in Pinterest. If you expect folks to be interested on your images, you really need to show interest on theirs. Most pinners actively support other pinners. This support may easily extend to your brand and products if you play your cards right. Bringing in others to pin with you in some of your boards is another great way of engaging the community, and extending your base. Make sure everyone you bring in understands and is willing to follow your guidelines. Developing Campaigns. Make sure you incorporate Pinterest into your promotions. This can be as effective as your facebook or twitter promotions, and should be part of your over all promotion plan. ?a compilation by Behnam Ataee of Dream Warrior Group