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What Social Media Platform is the Best for Your Business?

social-media-398296_1280By: Leslie-Ann Fletcher of DWG

In a society in which technology is always changing and expanding, social media has become a vital part of a business? success. With many different social media platforms, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on, and which ones will be the most successful. Depending on the business, using social media on multiple platforms might be beneficial for a brand or focusing on one or two social media platforms might prove to be more successful. This article will focus on four social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and will help?decide which is the best suitable platforms to leverage your business.

Some businesses have a target audience that is an older demographic and are not very tech savvy or social media friendly, and while this is definitely true for some older people, it is not true for all. In fact according to the Global Web Index Study, the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket. Another important thing to note is that according to Facebook’s earning call, 189 million of Facebook?s users are ?mobile only,? which means there are millions of users who are not accessing their Facebook profiles from a desktop or a laptop. It is very important to know how well your content is displaying on mobile devices, as not being able to navigate on a phone may cost you a conversion.

With 71% of adults online, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and should be used for?all business types to promote brand awareness (Pew, 2014). Facebook is FB-f-Logo__blue_144great for promoting brand awareness and also for developing engaging conversations with consumers. Also with?Facebook advertising tools, it is possible to reach a specific target based on user information such as job title, age and location. Facebook users are very active so it is very important that you create content that demands a response to get the conversation going; for example, asking questions, putting on contests, posting great pictures and shareable content. People share content that they find adds value and once they click the share button they are displaying that content to other people on their friends list and it continues like a spiral effect.

Instagram_Icon_LargeFor target audiences of a young demographic, using Twitter and Instagram may prove beneficial, as these social media platforms have a large amount of young users. There are 27% of people in the US aged 18-29 on Twitter, and over 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35 (Business Insider, Twitter_logo_blue2014). Instagram is best for businesses that are image friendly, e.g., restaurants, fashion platforms, photographers, artists, and designers. It is imperative to be consistent and to put time and care into posting images. Having good quality photos can make a business stand out in the crowd.

According to Nielsen data, the majority of users on Pinterest are women. Pinterest_Logo_RedWomen?make?up?84%?of its users (Wishpond, 2014). For target audiences that include mainly women, Pinterest maybe the social media platform of choice. Pinterest has one of the best ROI for businesses?because a very large percentage of its users are in the $50,000 a year income bracket. In fact 70% of Pinterest users use the platform to get ideas on what to buy and what DIY projects to do (Wishpond, 2014). Pinterest is a great platform for interior design businesses, DIY,?home, fashion and jewelry, etc.

When choosing social media platforms that best fit a business? needs it is important to focus on demographics and statistics. With any social media platform it is important to be consistent and to make sure to engage with the audience while also providing useful and shareable content. Engaging in social media efforts can effectively assist in building customer acquisition and loyalty. If it is not possible to maintain multiple accounts on various social media platforms due to a lack of time and resources, it is important to choose one and really devote time and effort to developing a social media presence that can immensely increase your audience.

DWG Attends the 2014 Lamp Community Fall Affair

By: Leslie-Ann Fletcher of DWG

Nami, Andy and Linda at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014

Nami, Linda and Andy at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014

Nami Ataee, LaMae Weber, Karim Bouzzit and Linda Ortiz attended the Random Acts, 2014 Lamp Fall Affair benefit on October 1st, 2014 at the Pacific Design Center chaired by our CEO LaMae Weber. Andy Dylan, Vanessa Silberman, Maya Nehru, Avantika Nehru, Vanessa Butler, Vivian Mayer and many other DWG clients joined us for the fun. LAMP-October-1-2014-Jett-Loe (73 of 100) LAMP-October-1-2014-Jett-Loe (66 of 100) LAMP’s Community Fall Affair benefit featured a catered dinner by Wolfgang Puck and music by Ellis Hall – The Ambassador of Soul and

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Jazz MarloniLAMP-October-1-2014-Jett-Loe (24 of 100)us of The Colburn School honoring HBO Documentary Films. Now celebrating its 29th year of service, Lamp continues to be a pioneer in permanent support housing and remain unrelenting in its mission to end homelessness by improving the health and building the self-sufficiency of men and women living with mental illness in Los Angeles.

.LaMae at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014

Nami at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014

Nami at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014

LaMae and Nami at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014

LaMae and Nami at the LAMP Fall Affair 2014


DWG is proud to give back to the community by supporting LAMP community. Girls