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Parallax Scrolling and SEO

According to, Parallax scrolling is an ?animation technique which simulates 3D depth by moving the background slower than the layers in the foreground.? Parallax design allows for up and down scrolling of a single page that continues to show new content as you scroll. One of the benefits of a Parallax website is the breathtaking design. It provides for a unique, engaging 3D experience. With the implementation of the use of a single page for an entire site complications could arise with search engine optimization.

Parallax sites cannot have multiple H1 headers because it is all on a single page. As a result of this parallax sites don?t have meta descriptions or separate title tags; features that help search engines index a website. Keyword optimization plays a very integral role in SEO. A parallax site usually only allows for the optimization of one keyword rather than multiple keywords on multiple content pages. It is also very hard to measure a site?s analytics because it is hard to determine where a majority of the traffic is going to since it is all on a single page. Other challenges with Parallax revolve around load times, such as use of multiple images and multiple videos.With a slower loading time, parallax does not work well on mobile in an age when mobile is becoming more and more prevalent among viewers. Due to these very reasons a parallax site is better for a brand that is already established, for example NIKE. A huge brand will not need to rely heavily on search engines to attract traffic because they already have a large fan base, whereas a lesser known brand will have a harder time gaining initial traffic. While these issues can be problematic there are a few steps that can be taken to make sure that a parallax site is SEO friendly such as: ? Providing internal links to different sections to allow search engines to index parts of your content ? Having a section on the website that does not use parallax to allow for the possibility of various pages (urls) It is essential to do appropriate research before deciding if parallax is right for you.