Monthly Archives: June 2015

Now You Can Unsend an Email!

Ever wish you could unsend an email? Now you can with Google?s latest Gmail update. On Monday, June 22nd, Google added an undo send option to Gmail. This new feature now allows people to cancel an email if they end up changing their minds. This is a great new feature, but don?t get too excited just yet; you only have a few seconds after immediately sending to decide if you want to undo what you did. The new feature allows you to cancel within 30 seconds before sending an email. This feature was already available in Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs are pre-release features that users can enable in their Gmail settings. This feature will be available two weeks from Monday.

No more accidentally sending a baby picture meant for your mom to your supervisor! Now you can stop a disaster with the click of a button!?At DWG we use Google Apps to manager our calendars and mail as many of you likely do, so we were happy to see this update.? We can say Oops!

For more info on this update check out Google?s blog here