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Dream Warrior Group Attends the 2015 Arts Reach Conference in San Francisco


Dream Warrior Group recently attended the Fall 2015 National Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conference in San Francisco from October 22nd to Saturday, October 24th. This visit was filled with warm introductions, presentations and shared experiences in the world of arts organizations.?DWG presented about Understanding the Lurker?s Journey and the New Mobile Paradigm. Here at DWG, we know how important it is to convert visitors to buyers/donors as well as increased mobile and tablet usage.

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During a lunch with the experts Q&A, DWG shared technological recommendations to a table full of eager listeners. It was truly an unforgettable experience and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to share some of our web expertise.






DWG Attends the 2015 “Lamp Meets 30” Fall Affair

Our CEO, LaMae Weber, CTO, Nami Ataee, and our CCO, Linda Ortiz attended the 2015 ?Lamp Meets 30? Fall Affair benefit on October 14th, 2015 at the Taglyan Complex. The event host for the event was, Sam Rubin of KTLA. Lamp Community raised over $200,000 and the evening was a great success. DWG is proud to give back to the community by supporting Lamp Community.

Our CEO, LaMae Weber, the host of the event – Sam Rubin of KTLA, and our CCO , Linda Ortiz.