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Why is a Fully Responsive Web Site Vital?

Nami:? ?Well, IT JUST IS.?

Now, a bit more detail because you are probably wondering why Nami, our CTO and all-around problem solver and wizard has come to this conclusion.

What is it? – Responsive design refers to your site?s ability to adjust to fit any screen size, whether the site is being viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Responsive design is one of the highest priorities for any web site.

User-friendly ? There are numerous studies and data pieces you can find through a search that talk to you about the increase in use of mobile devices.? While there may be some debate about the amount of actual commerce happening on mobile, there is no debate that it is growing.? Your visitors demand an easy to view site or they will go elsewhere or express their distress. A user-friendly responsive site has these characteristics:

? Everything visual loads quickly – resizing appropriately within the viewable space
? Text is appropriately sized for the device and flows within the viewable space
? Content format changes seamlessly within the viewable space
? The basic mouse functionality of the site becomes thumb functions (e.g. mouse over)
? Useful mobile information (e.g. phone number, links) are easily accessible and clickable

Case Responsive is no longer enough ? While even two years ago, a case responsive site (meaning that select pages were served to mobile devices) was meeting the needs of the mobile user ? they no longer do.? Gone are the days when stripes or bands of content are enough, visitors demand everything and if designed properly can see and do everything.? (Particularly those of us who have slightly larger phones.)

Google The importance of mobile search means that your site must be available in an easily accessible, size appropriate form on mobile devices, and tablets. If the site isn?t responsive, mobile users will have a hard time viewing and navigating, which can result in Google lowering your ranking in their search. Google?s recent updates (search algorithm) indicate ?mobile friendly? prioritization.

What happens if I say no? ? First and foremost, you may lose business.? Even if that does not prove to be a significant loss, the public perception of your business could become old and out of touch.? This usually translates to a shift in user type away from the younger users which demand the latest on their mobile viewing environment.

So, as Nami said at the beginning ?A responsive site is vital.?