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The Key to Designing a Great Landing Page

By: Linda Ortiz, Chief Creative Officer of DWG

A well-designed landing page engages and informs while making a good first impression. It is a chance to show potential customers what a company stands for and why they should become affiliated. The following steps will help you design the perfect landing page.

Compelling Headline The first thing a visitor will see when they visit a landing page is the headline. It should draw the user in and compel them to read more. The message should be clear and concise. Though a headline may only consist of a few words, it is the most important element of the page. The headline may make the difference between gaining a customer and driving one away. Take some time writing a few headlines and see how your colleagues respond to them. Choose wisely. Immaculate Grammar So often website designers pay close attention to the look and functionality of the website but not to the copy. The copy on a landing page must be well written and grammar impeccable. It?s a good idea to hire a professional copywriter and have various members of the team proof the page before it goes live. Poor grammar and spelling errors do not elicit trust. Show the user your attention to detail. Building Trust A strategically designed landing page will include trust building components like testimonials, reviews, press mentions, guarantee seals, and 3rd party trust and security certification (Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, etc.). These trust builders may make the difference between a visitor signing up on a landing page, or simply reading and leaving. Trust = conversions. Use a Strong Call-to-Action Essential to the efficacy of the landing page is a clear call to action. Once the visitor has read the headline, there should be a crystal clear next step. A large button or pop-up works well.Shopify screen shot Buttons and Offers Above the Fold Don?t make the visitor scroll to see the important information. Make sure your offer and call to action is above the fold. Place buttons right in the center of the page where the eye can see them. For buttons use bright colors and readable fonts. See how my design for Compass Moda, a new image recognition style app, has a clear button asking the user to try it. Test Test Test Compass Moda screenshot A landing page can be optimized for conversions over time. You can try out different call to action approaches, different copy, and switch images. See how changing these elements increase or decrease your conversion rate. This is a good time to hone in on what works so you can use this knowledge in your website design. Use Images and Videos That Relate to Copy Incorporating motivational speeches, videos of user testimonials, and product images into a landing page can encourage viewers to become customers/followers. Avoid Links Do not use unnecessary links on a landing page. You do not want anything to distract or draw the users away. Keep them focused on your offer. Groupon screenshot What Colors Are Good for Different Sites? Studies have proven that the use of color in a website influences the users in a number of ways. Selecting the right colors for the intended outcome is the key. Study the following information and choose the colors that best encourage the action you want the visitor to take. colors screenshot Conclusion If you are designing a landing page or a website homepage, you will be most successful if you follow the guidelines above. It is entirely possible to produce a visually stunning design that strategically accomplishes the marketing goals of the company. Good luck with your next design!