Google hopes to make browsing more secure

search-13476_640According to the Google webmaster blog, Google has been strongly encouraging HTTPS on all sites (no longer just e-commerce). Google hopes to make browsing more secure by showing HTTPS pages in search results with a bit more prominence. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, which is a secure version of HTTP. This is the process in which data gets sent between your browser and the website you are visiting in a secure fashion using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Google will now be modifying their index system in order to seek more HTTPS pages. On the blog it lists in detail what will cause Google to choose to index the HTTPS URL. Google suggests redirecting your HTTP site to your HTTPS version and implementing the appropriate header. To get the highest Google ranking, you need to consider adding a SSL to your site this year, which includes the cost of SSL certificate and installation, and maybe a dedicated IP if you don’t have one already. The cost will vary but is generaly not prohibitive. Let us know if we can provide support.

For more information about this Google update, visit the Google webmaster blog here. If you have any questions regarding this update feel free to contact us and visit our website at


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